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May 2014
•13 houses in Beverwijk for Pre-Wonen (Commissioned by Van Wijnen) are delivered to the new tenants after a building period of only 5 months!

Februari 2014
• Mual | Architecture will participate in the initiative to recreate the old Vuurboet used to guide fishermen to shore in the 16th century.
• New commission for a private house refurbishment and extention in Zandvoort
• The first of 13 family dwellings in Beverwijk stands! Project completion this april.

Januari 2014
Building on site has started for our 13 family dwellings in Beverwijk

November 2013
New Commission for a private house refurbishment and roof extention in Zandvoort

October 2013
New commission for 2 apartments and a café in Beverwijk

june 2013
YESSS!!! we won the competition and have an option on our CPO project Podium :
A mixed use urban block with 44 apartments, a swimmingpool and parking garage.

may 2013
Delivered the Project Plan for CPO project Podium in competition with two other initiatives

may 2013
OntwikkelSamen is participating in the zelfbouwmarkt on june 8th

april 2013
Mual | Architecture is commissioned by Van Wijnen to design 13 houses for Pre-Wonen in Beverwijk.

february 2013
•mual | architecture will present CPO project Podium on the zelfbouwcafe #11: Nieuwe doelgroepen in Pakhuis de Zwijger on 25 february.

oktober 2012
• mual | architecture is presenting the design for CPO project Podium at the BNA exhibition Nieuwe Oogst 2012, Arcam Amsterdam

june 2012
OntwikkelSamen is participating in the zelfbouwmarkt on 7 and 8 july

june 2012
Square one prototype ready for testing

february 2012
• mual | architecture is collaborating with Draisma Hilbrands Architecten on the refurbishment proposal for the RC rectory and the new cultural centre de Krocht in Zandvoort.

june 2011
• mual | architecture commissioned to renovate a 140 m2 state monument in Zandvoort.

february 2011
• mual | architecture commissioned to reconfigure a house carcase in the new leyden masterplan leiden

september 2010
• mual | architecture shortlisted for brede school de fakkel utrecht.

november 2009
• mual | architecture is commisioned to design an urban plan for the upgrading of the 10 Ha yacht harbour Drijfveer/Tusken de Marren, Akkrum

may 2012
OntwikkelSamen is selected to present at the Amsterdam bouwzelfbeurs on june 2nd!

april 2012
• mual | architecture co- founder of OntwikkelSamen

13 family dwellings in Beverwijk
Nieuwe Vuurboet Zandvoort
CPO project Podium